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Pensions, Governance & Regulation

This Pensions, Governance & Regulations training course gives a content-rich, immersive, and interesting training expertise covering pensions, attendant risks, competitive pressures, adverse stock-market, and societal aims, pensions marketing, and the regulatory / governance framework which supports them.

It investigates the origins, underlying philosophies, risks, public policy, social policies, the scale between state pensions and special provisions, intergenerational honesty, affordability, and taxpayer interests. Given the current rate of medical advancement, lifestyles, the labor market, technological advancement, Artificial Intelligence, robotics, mortality, morbidity, investment performance, asset selection, and evolving approaches to pensions versus alternative forms of investment, this is not surprising.

This training course will highlight:

  • How to judge the current pensions and investment landscape across different geography

  • Judging best ways re pensions marketing, governance, risks, investment, taxation

  • Continuing competitive as a pensions provider within changing marketplaces

  • The balance between private and public pensions provision / Pension Tech / RPA

  • Demographics, employment, attack and social class related to pensions and governance

Course Objectives of Pensions, Governance & Regulation

By the end of this training course, participants will be ready to:

  • Understand where their organizations are concerning current trends in pensions governance

  • Grow more efficient marketers of pensions in regulated markets in particular

  • Suitably understand governance, risk & policy formulation, and decision-making methods

  • Decrease risks from change, morbidity, medical advances, trends (P.E.S.T.L.E factors)

  • Stimulate greater confidence in their competencies and judgments from senior management

Course Methodology of Pensions, Governance & Regulation

This training course will use a variety of adult learning techniques to ensure the best comprehension, understanding, and retention of the information presented, this involves:

  • Glowing and black and white diagrams and charts incorporating bullet points and detailed descriptions to accommodate different training styles

  • Group treatments and activities with course participants interacting with the trainer/facilitator and with each other

  • Brief films using different professional presenters to describe technical aspects of pension calculations and investments

  • Bullet-pointed issue summaries following each assembly

Organizational Impact of Pensions, Governance & Regulation

  • Developed marketing and sales of pensions against other competing investments

  • More comprehensive profitability and more funds under active management

  • Developed risk management capability

  • More knowing active and engaged staff & greater productivity per employee

  • Optimized trademark, reputation, and corporate value

  • More lowering costs and developed cash-flow

Personal Impact of Pensions, Governance & Regulation

Participants in this training course on Pensions, Governance, and Organization will:

  • Explain how to future-proof sales, marketing, and financing strategies

  • Get governance skills and in chosen cases policy formulation skills

  • Hone enduring governance, pensions design, critical thinking, and decision-making skills

  • Promote a broader international understanding of pensions across different jurisdictions

  • Renew themselves on current trends and improvements including Pension Technology and Artificial Intelligence

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