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Infographics & Data Analytics for Oil & Gas Reporting

In today's world, the abundance of data makes it difficult to stand out and make your message seen, understood, and accepted by the people; therefore, all the sophisticated data and analytics in the world will be useless if they can't be consumed by an end-user, decision-maker, client, or colleague. After gathering data and conducting analysis, you must be able to present that data in a way that makes sense to your end user. To put it another way, you must visualize the data.

Information graphics, also known as infographics, are graphic visual representations of information, data, or knowledge that are intended to quickly and clearly present complex information.

Data visualization with Infographics is a combination of graphs and charts that focus on the main story that you want to tell the audience.

Oil and gas companies have recently begun to use infographics, which incorporate graphics into data presentations. This training course is designed to provide delegates with the skills needed to analyze numerical data, report on it, and present it graphically.

This training course will highlight:

  • What is the Infographic, what makes them a great tool for the presentation?
  • How to plan the design of Infographic?
  • How to tell a focused story?
  • How to use data to support your presentation?
  • Using an effective combination of graphs and charts to create Infographic
  • Visualizing the information
  • How to combine presentation tools?
  • Use of the different software for creating infographics

Course Objectives of Infographics & Data Analytics for Oil & Gas Reporting

This training course aims to provide professionals and analysts’ in Oil and Gas companies, with the necessary tools needed to present the abundance of data in one effective infographic, using available software like the Tableau Public app. They will enhance their skills in using infographics to present the data in a way that can be readily communicated to others in the organization.

At the end of this training course, you will acquire:

  • Common analytical techniques and representation methods using Infographics
  • The ability to recognize the types of analysis is best suited to Oil and Gas companies
  • Understand what is important in designing Infographics
  • Learn how to plan the Infographic
  • Develop their skills in using presentation software
  • Learn the steps in creating Infographic
  • Create graphs from the data
  • Combine graphs and charts to effectively support the storyline
  • Understand the best ways to test and promote their Infographic

Course Methodology of Infographics & Data Analytics for Oil & Gas Reporting

This training course adopts a problem-based learning approach, in which delegates are presented with a series of examples from Oil and Gas and other sectors like Supply Chain and Logistics to quality control.

Delegates will spend almost all the time exploring Excel’s data analysis and representation functionality, the concept of Infographics and its application in practice, as well as Tableau Public app, as well as other apps available online.

Organizational Impact of Infographics & Data Analytics for Oil & Gas Reporting

Individuals who attend this Infographics & Data Analytics for Oil & Gas Reporting training will gain new insights into the use of Excel and the field of data analysis, as well as why data analysis techniques are critical to delivering high-quality products and services at the lowest possible cost. They will enhance their report-writing abilities and incorporate graphics into data presentations.
The organization will develop a structured and effective method for presenting and promoting its solutions, activities, ideas, and general messages to clients or stakeholders.

  • Benefiting from clarifying and summarizing the complex information
  • Train the workforce to adopt an efficient and concise method for presenting information
  • Adopt an organized and planned way of analysis and presentation of data
  • Reveal the hidden relationship between the data analyzed
  • Improve the comprehension of the complex processes
  • Provide a clear, focused, and data-supported messages to the clients and stakeholders
  • Be able to stand out from the crowd with clear and effective messages
  • Maintain or improve their public image

Personal Impact of Infographics & Data Analytics for Oil & Gas Reporting

This training course teaches the competencies that enable participants to:

  • Learn how to recognize the patterns in the data
  • Develop an image dominant presentation to present the required message
  • Learn the steps of creating efficient Infographic
  • Acquire the awareness of how to work on the Infographic alone, or as a member of the team
  • Learn how to combine different presentation software
  • Learn how to eliminate the unnecessary so that the important data can be emphasized
  • Use a positive critique to improve your presentation skills

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