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Masterclass: Construction Contracts

This Construction Contract Master Class Training Course broadens and deepens your knowledge of construction contracts. Contractual disputes and disputes are common in construction projects.

These issues have a negative impact on development efficiency and profitability.

Because of the complex nature of the work and the complex commercial arrangements involved, both engineering and construction cause contractual issues.

The goal of this construction contract master class training course is to assist participants in understanding why such issues arise and how to avoid them in the future. Many contracts are now conducted differently than in the past, and this training course will explore modern contracting techniques while also highlighting risks and pitfalls.

By undertaking this course, you will become more efficient and effective at construction contracting.

This Masterclass in Construction Contracts training course will highlight:

  • Examining significant issues in  construction contracting and engineering

  • Research why things so often go wrong

  • The ways of improvement 

  • Explain how a more collaborative approach might benefit engineering and construction projects

  • Analysis of real issues from real projects

Course Objectives of Masterclass: Construction Contracts

At the end of this training course, you will learn to:

  • Comprehend how contracts work. why do they sometimes cause problems?

  • Address specific clauses and provisions that are a common source of problems

  • Evolve thinking about more collaborative strategies to achieve success

  • Research the risks that such approaches bring, and how to reduce problems

  • Understand how to resolve disputes quickly and efficiently

Course Methodology Masterclass: Construction Contracts

This training course combines trainer-led discussions with real-world examples wherever possible, with group exercises to develop new ideas on issues related to the entire engineering and construction contract subject. The training course is highly interactive and encourages participants to raise their scenarios and issues to discuss with experienced practitioners.

Organizational Impact of Masterclass: Construction Contracts

This training course will deliver the following benefits:

  • Enhanced knowledge of contractual problems implicated in engineering and construction contracts

  • More efficient contracts

  • A wider range of possible contracting options

  • Resolving disputes quicker and more efficiently

  • Projects will be more successful

  • Reduced project times and improved profitability

Personal Impact of Masterclass: Construction Contracts

This training course will deliver the following benefits:

  • A better understanding of the problems that can arise and how to avoid them

  • A deeper appreciation of how to create solutions to problems

  • Knowledge of modern methods for contracting for engineering and construction projects

  • Understanding how greater collaboration can, if handled properly, reduce conflict

  • Better skills and techniques for resolving disputes

  • Wider skill base, meaning greater scope for career development

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