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The Future of Learning: Re-engineering the Learning Experience

Technological advances have had a significant impact on how we work and communicate. It brought with it many benefits as well as drawbacks.

In the world of training, learning, and improvement, we must be aware of changes and how they affect our strategic development planning.

Specific psychological factors, Organizational Development (OD), and transformational learning and development are examples of these changes.

You will learn how to ensure that your people and organizational development are future-ready in this highly interactive and thought-provoking course on The Future of Training. You will learn to appreciate the various ways in which people are learning and embracing technology in order to make it work better and smarter in order to achieve greater results. This is essential training for those involved in training, learning, and development (TL&D) or organizational development (OD).

This course will focus on: 

  • The changing focus of development initiatives and the impact on organizational development

  • How to satisfy the learning expectations of future generations (Gen Y’s and Z’s)

  • How training evaluation is linked to training strategy

  • How to manage the growth of artificial intelligence (AI) and harness this in learning & development

Course Objectives of Future of Learning

At the end of this course, you will get how to:

  • Describe programs to satisfy the learning expectations of future generations (Gen Y’s and Z’s)

  • Develop your Organizational Development (OD) and people strategy for future generations and virtual environments

  • Manage the growth of virtual and artificial intelligence in learning & development

  • Design learning suitable for adults

Course Methodology of Future of Learning

This highly interactive and engaging Global Horizon training seminar will use a range of approaches to learning, including experiential group activities, individual exercises, mini-case studies, targeted videos, and relevant discussions. A key part of the learning process is the sharing of different experiences as well as experimenting with the novel – and sometimes challenging ideas and concepts.

Organizational Impact of Future of Learning

By attending this course and applying the insights, your organization will serve from employees with:

  • Increased understanding of new learning methodology and its impact on organizational success

  • Greater control of the strategic development in the organization

  • Produce greater motivated and developed individuals

Personal Impact of Future of Learning

By attending this course and applying the insights, you will serve from:

  • A better understanding of how people learn with the changes in technology

  • Leading-edge insights into future development

  • Increase personal development and career growth

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