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HR Analytics

The focus of this course is the effectiveness of people data in analytical methods to handle organizational success by judging and planning better systems and solving business problems.  Critically, it enables the creation of evidence-based decisions based on data collected and manufactured by a variety of specialists both within and outside the organization. HR analytics makes use of people data collected by HR systems and business information methods in the context of operational conditions.

HR analytics, at its core, enables HR experts and organizations to gain insights into workforce realization so that the property in the 'Human Capital' brings developed performance, and increased productivity, and keeps the organization ahead of the competition.

HR analytics enables HR and key stakeholders to monitor and record workforce satisfaction, well-being, productivity, innovation, and so on.

Furthermore, analytics enables HR teams to demonstrate the impact of HR policies and methods on workforce and organizational performance and demonstrate ROI and SROI investment in HR activity.

Line managers are frequently interested in learning how to manage their teams more effectively, and HR concepts and analytics show how to evaluate and develop people and business performance.

This course will highlight:

  • The HR’s Performance in Corporate Strategy
  • Problem Analysis and Decision-making
  • Technological Advancements in Workforce Analytics
  • Prosperous Change Management
  • Using Data for Improved Daily People Management
  • Analytics Use in Learning & Development

Course Objectives of HR Analytics

At the end of this course, delegates will acquire to: 

  • Know the fundamental shifts in the operating environment
  • Administration analysis of data for imminent and corrective planning
  • Describe the postulates of organizational change
  • Utilize a range of HR evaluation devices to enhance organizational performance
  • Improve HR metrics, apply them and align them with an organizational plan

Course Methodology of HR Analytics

Delegates to this course will receive thorough training on the subjects included in the course outline with the lecturer using various proven adult training and facilitation methods.

Course methodology covers group discussion, individual and group practices, self-report questionnaires, case studies, instructional videos, and problem-solving activities. 

The lecturer will give input on the issues to stimulate discussion and answer the delegate's questions. 

Organizational Impact of HR Analytics

By sending delegates on this course, organizations will assure they are returnable to secure arrangements that are not based on guesswork, gut feelings, or inspiration but use clear and logical data analysis as the basis for judgments.

The organization will also serve from:

  • Choices that are transparent and honest
  • Performance-related data that is evidence-based
  • Actionable insights
  • Analytics also supports unearthing any fraud or crimes that might be occurring
  • Analytics explains how useful recruitment strategies 
  • In production management, analytics can obtain the best performers

Personal Impact of HR Analytics

Delegates will acquire to determine which metrics are relevant to their organizations and how to achieve those fortunately and will serve from:

  • An experience to demonstrate the function and importance of HR analytics
  • A mastery of the devices and methods needed
  • Functional experience increased in this course
  • A recognition of the applications of analytics
  • A recognition that the judgment of the HR professional is still required

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