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Human Resources Development & Personnel Management

HR wants to be relevant by demonstrating that it contributes at all levels. This includes ensuring that the management team's attempts to manage are maintained. Simultaneously, HR must ensure that employees are stimulated, supported, and improved. Only through the management organization can this be obtained.

The outdated approach assumes that HR is obvious and checking, commanding the rest of the organization to follow HR-developed policies. The most recent approach is that HR facilitates and supports the management team in their efforts to increase productivity and commitment.

HR is at the heart of innovation, but it is managed by the management team.

This makes the change more effective and long-lasting. This method, however, necessitates a new type of HR role, as well as new practices and a variety of new skills within the HR team.

This course will give you the confidence to improve a new type of HR function, will show you a new way and will assist you in discovering new methods and skills.

This course will highlight:

  • Ideas for improving an HR strategy which associates with socioeconomic trends

  • Ways of increasing employee motivation

  • Techniques for promoting employees and growing contribution

  • Designs for reforming the relationship between HR and the balance of the organization

  • Preparing the best out of the performance of competencies

Course Objectives of Human Resources Development & Personnel Management

At the end of this course, you will acquire to:

  • Explain the history and improvement of HR and Personnel Management methods

  • Maximize the advantages of effective human resource management

  • Utilize the key HR and HRD strategies for developing organizational success

  • Work efficiently with the line management organization

  • Acquire a response to the key effects surrounding HR e.g., career advancement, practical succession planning, making a success of enforcement management, etc.

Course Methodology of Human Resources Development & Personnel Management

The training methodology used is planned to promote maximum participation by all participants. The presenter will propose ideas and theories to the participants and then support them to inquire about the ideas by the use of discussion, small group work, activities, and feedback. 

Each day of the training will end with participants completing their record of what has been seen on the day and considering how the ideas might be given back to the workplace.

  • The coaching course is a mixture of theory and training

  • Proofs are given of the main theories investing in the improvement of efficient HR

  • The principles are then put into exercise by the performance of practical activities

Organizational Impact of Human Resources Development & Personnel Management

The goal of this course from an organization's point of view is to constructively stimulate the organization’s arrival to Human Resource Development and Personnel Management. 

As a decision, an organization that uses these ideas will experience:

  • Lower staff turnover

  • More effectiveness in selection and evaluation

  • Greater impulse

  • More commitment from the workforce

  • More efficient classification and improvement of poor performers

  • Better value for money from the Human Resource role

Personal Impact of Human Resources Development & Personnel Management

As a result of attending this course, participants will be provided to promote efficient people management practices. 

They will be ready to :

  • Understand how to critically evaluate current HR methods

  • Be ready to precede an efficient recruitment method

  • Explain how to get people to work more efficiently

  • Know how to assist individuals and teams to learn

  • Be ready to identify, plan and judge training interventions

  • Understand how to build an efficient structure within HR

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