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Leading & Managing Change

Change is a fact of life on all sides, companies, and countries.
Change leadership is important, and no matter what activities a Leader or Manager becomes interested in, from strategy implementation to making simple changes to a working system, all of these activities must change leadership skills.
Every time a Director or Manager makes a decision, something changes.
Leading Change, Organizational Culture and Change, Organizational Development (OD), and Work Psychology are the topics covered in this course. It is a one-of-a-kind course that provides guidelines on the best approach, current "best practices," and skill enhancement in organizational change leadership.

This course is perfect for anyone who wants to manage change in their organization.

  • The Distinction between Change Management and Change Leadership

  • The Influence of Communication during Change

  • Approaches and Devices for Effective for Change Management

  • Training Employee’s Stand to Change

  • The Psychology of Work

Course Objectives of Leading & Managing Change

At the end of this course, attendees will be ready to:

  • Learn Human Psychology

  • Determine what change is and how it influences the way people to work

  • Plan a proper change management model in their workplace

  • Recognize people's responses to change and investigate the reasons why people suffer change

  • Define organizational culture

  • Improve functional skills in change leadership

  • Plan and Execute an efficient Organizational Development (OD) based on enhanced performance

Course Methodology of Leading & Managing Change

Delegates to this course will get exact training on the subjects included in the course outline with the facilitator using a variety of proven grown-up knowledge and facilitation methods. 

This training course is very participatory and experiential. It includes analytical insight, consciousness building, and a lot of skill training in a group setting. The course methodology involves individualized and group exercises focused on skill growth. Case Studies and shows will highlight major instruction features. A variety of working assemblies and group interactions are in this training.

Organizational Impact of Leading & Managing Change

  • Effective methodologies that can help to promote change management forces

  • Know the value of workplace psychology in change management

  • Create a compelling vision for change with all those affected

  • Promote the best manner to deliver organizational effectiveness

  • Implement to change leadership chiefs to deliver successful change forces

  • Generate a Strategy Directed Organization (SFO) through the Implementation of Change

Personal Impact of Leading & Managing Change

  • Discover the fundamental elements of change leadership

  • Improve skills in change management and leadership fit for any organization

  • Discover how to do practical change leadership implements

  • Learn the five psychological stages of change management

  • Understand problems around changing organizational culture

  • Discover how to Promote and Achieve an efficient Performance Management System as a result of Change Management

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