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Soft Skills global Horizon Plus Training Center

Influencing Skills & Individual Effectiveness

We are still somehow disconnected in a world where we are all connected.
This course delves into the science and practice of influencing others, drawing on the work of numerous experts. S. Covey suggests in his book, The 7 Habits of Highly Successful People, that in order to be understood, you must first understand.
The spirit of this argument influenced the development of this training course.
The quality of your relationships with others is directly related to your ability to influence the thoughts and actions of others. In any interaction with another person, you will always be at least half of the equation. Therefore, equipping yourself with the knowledge and skills to influence others is an essential part of any business professional’s toolkit. Look no further than this inspirational program.

This course will focus on:

  • Building strong relationships in the workplace

  • The value of using the Influence Model

  • Influencing others in decision making

  • Where flexibility and negotiation can achieve successful outcomes

  • Delivering a Presentation that lands with impact

Course Objectives of Influencing Skills & Individual Effectiveness

By the end of this course, the delegates will be qualified to:

  • “Seek first to understand,” The key to building relationships

  • Plan, execute, and influence your peers

  • Influence others to make more informed decisions

  • Deliver a best in class presentation

  • Co-create win-win outcomes in the workplace

Course Methodology of Influencing Skills & Individual Effectiveness

This course will include a high level of participation using a range of proven blended learning methods that ensure all the participants will learn in a safe yet challenging environment. All Adult learning styles are accommodated using a variety of mediums, including; skills application, case study critique, peer feedback, completion of a personal profiling tool, individual and group exercises.

Organizational Impact of Influencing Skills & Individual Effectiveness

The companies that invest in the development of soft skills – communication skills – tend to be market leaders but also tend to have higher levels of employee satisfaction and morale.

Impact on the organization in attending this course is thoughtful, including: 

  • Develop personal communication skills, which will enable employees to be more effective in their day to day work

  • Exposed the importance of building strong cross-functional relationships which will improve organizational efficiency and effectiveness

  • The ability to negotiate outcomes that both parties feel is valued is integral to winning and maintaining long term business partnerships

  • Equipping employees with the skills to have more productive business conversations with colleagues

  • Increase operational efficiency by enabling staff to spend their time on business priorities

  • Opportunity to explore a range of business and personal effectiveness skills in a safe learning environment

Personal Impact of Influencing Skills & Individual Effectiveness

By learning how to Influence others by using a wide range of tools, the participants will not only be more productive and more effective in their job roles but will also gain greater confidence and well-being in the business and personal lives. 

The impact of course on the participants are diverse and includes: 

  • Learn the key role of Emotional Intelligence in building long-lasting business relationships

  • Completion of a personal profile to enhance self-awareness

  • Gain knowledge in the application of a range of communication tools, give and receive feedback from their peers

  • Gain new concepts and methods through real-life case studies

  • Learn how to structure and deliver a best in the class presentation which will deliver outstanding personal and professional results

  • Negotiate to build long term sustainable relationships

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