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Managing Marketing Excellence

To provide a comprehensive approach, this Sales & Marketing training course draws on a variety of fields, including referral marketing, stakeholder engagement, relationship management, content marketing, social selling, salesmanship, branding, and reputation management. 

Intangible value is created by service industries such as customer service, advice, knowledge, design, data, and experiences. How can they explain what they offer in ways that distinguish them from competitors and persuade customers to stay loyal?

Most service organizations can serve a wide range of clients and are eager to take on any new business. In practice, they get a small number of clients and do not expand their business. Why? Because they don't stand out, and prospective customers don't understand what makes them special.

The participants will address this by creating a clear picture of the ideal clients they are uniquely designed to serve, the pain points and issues these ideal clients face, and a marketing strategy for converting them into loyal, paying customers.

This course will highlight:

• How to make visibility, credibility, and relationships with prospective clients
• Creating powerful online business profiles that attract your ideal clients
• Prospecting to create your sales pipeline and increase the number of latest clients
• Identifying the pain points, they're willing to pay your business to resolve
• Positioning your organization because the authority in your marketplace
• Content marketing to create relationships together with your networks
• Turning contacts into loyal clients who promote your organization within their networks, generating even more business

Course Objectives of Managing Marketing Excellence

By the top of this course, participants are going to be able to:

• Understand the way to apply traditional marketing and emerging social marketing techniques to their service organization
• Have the knowledge to elucidate to executives the choices for marketing their service organization to prospects and customers
• Lobby and win budget and other resources for marketing activities
• Devise a marketing strategy and execute marketing plans that are cost-effective and generate value for his or her business
• Have an overview action plan tailored to their ideal clients and organization that they will apply once they are back in their office

Course Methodology of Managing Marketing Excellence

This interactive includes practical tools, evidence-based frameworks, and case studies illustrated through slides, facilitated group learning, expert feedback and commentary on group exercises, personal and conference, discovery learning, and hands-on activities to convey best practice and impart skills.

Organizational Impact of Managing Marketing Excellence

Impact on the organization from the participants in attending this course the subsequent benefits:

• More prospects, more sales, more revenues, more profits, more clients
• Loyal clients who place all or most of their business together with your organization
• Clients who become ambassadors for your business, regularly referring you to their networks
• Clarity across the organization on who your ideal clients are, their pain points and expectations, and the way to satisfy them
• Easy-to-use processes for identifying prospective clients, connecting with them, and developing relationships supported trust and credibility
• System for creating and managing content that's consistent across online and offline channels and builds reputation

Personal Impact of Managing Marketing Excellence

This course will personally benefit the participants to realize or enhance their understanding and knowledge by the following:

• Skills in marketing and digital marketing capabilities that employment for service organizations
• Practical ability to use marketing models, tools, and techniques to their organization and clients
• Able to develop a marketing funnel that takes prospects from awareness to repeat business and constant client
• Ability to obviously explain how marketing applies in their organization, winning the support of more senior managers and executives
• An offline and online marketing strategy and implementation plan tailored to their organization and therefore the markets its serve

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