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Sales Management to Make a World-Class Sales Staff

This fast-paced and comprehensive course is designed to provide sales managers with the critical skills needed to recruit, train, and motivate a high-performing sales team. This training seminar focuses on best practices in sales management for extending revenue growth through increased sales effectiveness and penetration. Sales managers will learn how to create a positive environment by implementing recognition and incentive training seminars that promote teamwork and healthy competition.

This course covers topics such as motivation, goal setting, recruiting and retention strategies, presentation skills, and handling objections. Attending this course could be a wise business decision that pays off handsomely in terms of improved team morale, increased sales effectiveness, and increased customer satisfaction. Delegates will leave this 5-day training seminar with a specific action plan and, as a result, the tools they need to lead a world-class sales team!

This course will highlight:

• Best practices for recruiting and interviewing top salespeople
• Goal setting, sales planning, and new business development
• Sales leadership and team motivation
• Training, mentoring, and training skills
• Negotiation strategies and handling sales objections

Course Objectives of Sales Management to Make a World-Class Sales Staf

At the top of this course, you'll learn to:

• Design a “customer-focused” sales presentation
• Apply best practices for conducting individual and team performance reviews
• Implement a technique to optimize key accounts and penetration
• Develop the talents to raised motivate and lead sales team members
• Conduct productive sales training and administrative meetings

Course Methodology of Sales Management to Make a World-Class Sales Staf

This course encourages delegate participation through a mixture of lectures, conferences, practical exercises, case studies, video clips, and breakout sessions designed to strengthen new skills.

Organizational Impact of Sales Management to Make a World-Class Sales Staf

This course will give your sales managers the leadership skills and best practices they require to extend sales effectiveness and profitability.

Benefits to the organization include:

• Streamlined process for recruiting, interviewing, and training salespeople
• Enhanced professionalism image within the marketplace
• Increased revenue growth through higher sales effectiveness
• Higher level of team morale and reduced turnover rate
• Improved customer satisfaction and retention
• Expanded penetration through greater sales territory management

Personal Impact of Sales Management to Make a World-Class Sales Staf

This course gives participants the sales management best practices to steer a highly successful sales team.

By the top of this course, participants will:

• Be ready to use listening and questioning skills to enhance communication effectiveness
• Have the persuasion skills to barter win-win outcomes
• Know the way to train, coach, and mentor salespeople to extend sales
• Understand the strengths and weaknesses of their leadership style
• Have the tools to recruit and retain successful salespeople
• Be ready to use recognition and reward programs to create teamwork

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