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Strategic Event Management

This Strategic Event Management training course will take your events program to the next level by strengthening your brand and reputation in line with corporate goals. Getting the right mix of events with the right design values and messaging to the right people is critical. But what are the "right" choices?
It is critical for brand visibility and positioning to be properly positioned at key industry conferences and exhibitions. Courting the right people at your social events increases your influence, and every event must be planned and organized. Failure to pay attention to a critical detail may result in your event being talked about for all the wrong reasons, causing damage to your brand and reputation.

This training course will highlight:

  • Selecting the proper events for your purpose spreading risk across many events, in order that success won’t depend upon one event alone
  • The cumulative building of key messages and brand values with key stakeholders
  • Master planning, hosting, and following-up sort of a world-class professional
  • Building capability, a trusted suppliers list, and infrastructure across events
  • The skills of the right host and media spokesperson

Course Objectives of Strategic Event Management

At the top of this training course, delegates are going to be able to:

  • Plan a program of events to support and deliver the company strategy
  • Select from a variety of events and skills to deliver each type
  • Schedule and plan each event within budget and deadlines
  • Identify the foremost appropriate venues and activities for your events
  • Manage VIPs and therefore the media confidently 
  • Troubleshoot plans to unravel potential problems before they emerge

Course Methodology of Strategic Event Management

This training is going to be delivered through a mixture of presentations, conferences, and group exercises. Delegates are going to be encouraged to ask questions because the training progresses relevant to their own backgrounds and company requirements.
This training course will culminate during a group exercise during which delegates will have a chance to use what has been discussed over the training days.

Organizational Impact of Strategic Event Management

  • Greater value from the entire range of events
  • More focused events to create and maintain a reputation
  • More memorable events aimed toward the proper people
  • An in-house resource capable of organizing events directly or outsourcing wisely
  • Staff better informed to supply project oversight of event suppliers
  • Staff capable of ensuring tight budgetary and scheduling control over events

Personal Impact of Strategic Event Management

  • Increased confidence to tackle event planning/management across a program 
  • A method to form decisions about the simplest type and format of the event to use 
  • Greater understanding of the processes involved in event management
  • An understanding of most elements of event organization
  • More focused activity aided by thorough checklists and manuals
  • Better time management facilitating the chance for greater creativity

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