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Oil & Gas Industry Supply Chain Management & Global Procurement

Companies doing business in uncertain times are increasingly reliant on procurement and supply chain management to make changes. Procurement, in particular, is constantly under pressure to contribute dynamically and meaningfully to final operating costs while reducing capital spending. Maintaining best practices in procurement and supply chain management is a must for those working in the global oil and gas industry. The relationship between suppliers and operators is critical now that oil price fluctuations are causing real economic concerns throughout the industry. To address the complexity of today's production environment, it is critical that procurement and supply chain capabilities combine efforts and expertise.

This innovative and thought-provoking training course on oil and gas supply chain management and global sourcing helps participants reassess their organization's sourcing and supply chain strategies beyond short-term cost savings. Focus on real-time issues to counteract market changes and reconsider global sourcing. This training course aims to give participants a hands-on approach to making an organization's procurement team more competitive and resilient.

Course Objectives of Oil & Gas Industry Supply Chain Management & Global Procurement

It is essential for Procurement and Supply Chain professionals to adapt supply chain practices to fit the current market and they must understand the need for:

  • Reassessment of current E & P procurement strategies

  • Streamlining processes

  • Adopt contemporary practices

  • Building robust internal supply planning capabilities

  • Collaborative relationship with vendors

  • Tools and techniques to effectively renegotiate contracts

Course Methodology of Oil & Gas Industry Supply Chain Management & Global Procurement

This Oil & Gas Industry Supply Chain Management & Global Procurement training path can be added with the aid of a certified global-magnificence procurement and supply chain expert and may consist of a number of active and interactive schooling methods, such as exercises, role plays, case studies, exercise periods, and institution discussions. The learning experience can be based on trainer-led demonstrations that highlight key issues to be aware of and are supported with the aid of a reference guide containing examples of first-rate exercise. Participants will perform and receive private feedback on their performance.

Organizational Impact of Oil & Gas Industry Supply Chain Management & Global Procurement

The organization will benefit by:

  • Enhanced E&P procurement professionals' core competencies

  • Procurement challenges facing the Oil and Gas Industry

  • Collaborative global sourcing

  • Understand how to anticipate and mitigate procurement contract risks

  • Key legal contractual risk management issues

Personal Impact of Oil & Gas Industry Supply Chain Management & Global Procurement

Participants will learn:

  • Benchmarking strategic procurement and category management

  • Supplier/operator relationships

  • New frontiers / new procurement strategies

  • Capacity Overload vs. Demand

  • Sustainability in the procurement and supply chain

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