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Project Quality Management

Delivering high-quality project outcomes is critical to an organization's survival and prosperity in today's fiercely competitive and rapidly changing business environment. Managers are constantly striving to deliver high-quality results while minimizing costs and delays.
This Project Quality Management workshop will provide participants with the essential management skills, tools, and methodologies required for effective delivery of top-quality project outcomes. It is designed to provide a comprehensive overview of quality management in projects with a careful balance of quantitative and qualitative considerations.

This workshop will feature:

  • An Overview of Key Project Quality Management Concepts
  • The Concepts, Tools, and Techniques involved in Quality Planning and Control in conjunction with the Critical Path Method and other proven Project Management Methodologies
  • An Introduction to Statistical Process Control Tools
  • An Overview of Typical Project Problems and methods for Mitigation
  • An Overall specialization in Benefits Realization from Project Conception to Completion

Course Objectives of Project Quality Management Workshop

By the top of this workshop, participants are going to be able to:

  • Define what Quality means
  • Understand the importance of deliberate quality management processes in projects and integrate quality in project initiation, planning, execution, control and completion
  • Identify and document quality requirements and standards for the project and merchandise 
  • Apply cost-benefit analysis, cause and effect diagrams, control charts, and other tools in project planning and control
  • Apply basic statistical internal control concepts
  • Implement effective quality assurance and control
  • Be ready and conduct quality audits
  • Effectively manage stakeholders to make sure their satisfaction with the project results
  • Improve the standard climate and culture across the project life cycle

Course Methodology of Project Quality Management Workshop

This Project Quality Management Workshop will utilize a spread of proven highly interactive adult learning techniques to make sure maximum understanding, comprehension and retention of the knowledge presented. This includes facilitated group and individual exercises, case studies, simulations, and videos. the trainer also will facilitate learning by encouraging the delegates to check and critically appraise any theories and ideas on the workshop.