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Risk Assessments, Method Statements and Quality Plans

This Risk Assessments, Method Statements, and Quality Plans training course covers the fundamentals of conducting competent risk assessments, writing method statements, and creating client / contractor project quality plans. An effective risk and project safety management program is widely recognized as an essential component in the management of client projects and their contractors' competency and risk management procedures.
Preventing major incidents entails ensuring that all client and contractor personnel, regardless of position, adhere to project risk control procedures, safe working practices, and quality plans.

This training course will highlight:

  • Impact of an efficient Client / Contractor Project Risk and Safety Management Program
  • Importance of building Effective Quality Plans for Roles, Responsibilities, and Authority
  • Carrying out Competent Risk Assessments and Analysis of Project Tasks and Activities
  • How to implement a step-by-step client/contractor risk and safety management program?
  • Preparation of risk-based methods statements for hazardous and high-risk work


Course Objectives of Risk Assessments, Method Statements and Quality Plans

By the top of this training course, you'll be able to:

  • To provide delegates with the specialist knowledge to hold out risk assessments
  • Explain the way to prepare effective method statements and quality plans
  • To provide an understanding of key elements required for health and safety management
  • Demonstrate the way to assure client / contractor contractual requirements and compliance
  • To confirm the importance of key roles, responsibilities and competence of people 

Course Methodology of Risk Assessments, Method Statements and Quality Plans

This Risk Assessments, Method Statements and Quality Plans training course uses a variety of approaches for learning, including group activities, exercises, and case studies. Key a part of the training process is sharing of experiences and knowledge.

Organizational Impact of Risk Assessments, Method Statements, and Quality Plans

In addition to the professional development of staff, the organization is going to be ready to prioritize resources for effectively managing client/contractor projects, including:

  • Use of well-proven risk and contractor compliance processes
  • More effective implementation of existing systems
  • Improved confidence in the prevention of major incidents
  • Introduction of latest methods to enhance efficiency

Personal Impact of Risk Assessments, Method Statements, and Quality Plans

Attendees are going to be ready to apply skills learned from this training at a practical level to spot and implement safety improvement measures:

  • Increasing career flexibility with new skills and knowledge
  • Competent to hold out effective risk assessments and reviewing method statements
  • Accelerated problem resolution for all related issues
  • Exposed to a range of perspectives by sharing best practice examples
  • Practicing new client/contractor project planning techniques will build confidence

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