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Communication Skills for Police Personnel

This Communication Skills for Police Personnel training course will assist participants in improving personal and organizational performance by developing interactions with colleagues, line managers, stakeholders, and service users. Communication, whether verbal or written, is essential in an ever-changing world. We continue to see different interpretations of areas such as social media, which leads to concerns such as fake news and loss of trust in organizations. It is critical in policing to get a message across to ensure the safety of the public and colleagues. This course will give participants the opportunity to consider their own communication style and how to best adapt it to any given situation to ensure that what is said is heard and understood.

This highly interactive training course investigates underlying theories and best practices, allowing participants to apply their knowledge and skills in a safe learning environment. While determining when, where, and how to transfer learning back into the workplace. Body language, cultural considerations, influencing skills, crisis communication, and presentation skills will be explored and contextualized within the culture and context of 21st Century Policing.

This training course will highlight:

  • Barriers to effective communication and how to overcome them

  • Personal communication style using Myers Briggs Type Instrument (MBTI) and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) techniques to explore the communication preferences

  • Influencing and Negotiation Skills and how to achieve “win win” outcomes

  • Presentation Skills – Tools and Tips when giving briefings, presenting to senior leaders, teams, and stakeholders

  • Learning into Action – Planning for Success

Course Objectives of Communication Skills for Police Personnel

By the end of this training course, the participants will be able to:

  • Understand their own communication preferences (MBTI & NLP) and how to adapt these to people and situations

  • Deliver an effective verbal presentation employing tools such as PowerPoint, flip chart and marker boards

  • Develop their influencing and negotiation skills to support “win win” strategies

  • Recognize barriers to effective communication and how to overcome them

  • Develop an action plan to support the transfer of learning back into the workplace

Course Methodology of Communication Skills for Police Personnel

This Communication Skills for Police Personnel training course will be highly interactive employing group and individual work, video and audio clips, and team exercises with opportunities for the participants to practice skills and knowledge in a safe learning environment. On the final day, the participants will deliver a short verbal presentation on an aspect of the course as an opportunity to put presentation and communication skills into practice.

Organizational Impact of Communication Skills for Police Personnel

The Police organizations will benefit greatly through this development course as staff with effective communication skills will be better able to:

  • Overcome barriers to communication and improve relationship with the public and colleagues

  • Recognize their areas of strength and development and identify put an effective action plan into place to support organizational performance

  • Produce and deliver effective presentations

  • Understand how to influence others to achieve success

  • Recognize how and when to give feedback to develop self and others

  • Understand the process of communication and how to apply this to Policing

Personal Impact of Communication Skills for Police Personnel

This Communication Skills for Police Personnel training course will focus on key aspects of communication, which will assist the participant's professional and personal life, helping to recognize areas of strength and development and planning for success.

This training course will personally benefit the participants to gain or enhance their understanding and knowledge by the following:

  • Identify the communication preferences and how to adapt to changing situations

  • Develop a communication toolkit and identify which tool for which situation

  • Plan, prepare and deliver an effective presentation

  • Recognize opportunities to influence and tools to enable you to achieve this

  • Improved negotiation skills and recognizing win-win opportunities

  • Give and receive feedback in support of personal development

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