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Redefined Corporate Communications

The Dance between Corporate and Strategic Communications

Redefined Corporate Communications

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17.Jun.2024 to 21.Jun.2024
Casablanca -
Cost 3170 £ GBP


This "Redefined Corporate Communications" is intended to assist practitioners in aligning communications strategy to organizational imperatives and transitioning from a focus on tactics to developing and implementing communications strategy. It will guide the practitioner from research to program implementation while emphasizing the importance of corporate communications in achieving corporate objectives.
It will also demonstrate the significance of measurement and evaluation as key starting points for optimizing both strategies and tactics in corporate communications.

This training course will focus attention on:

  • Aligning Communications and Organizational Goals.
  • Identifying and Strengthening Internal Gaps.
  • Implementation Strategy.
  • Measurement and Evaluation.
  • Designing subsequent Iteration.

Course Objectives of Redefined Corporate Communications

The objectives of this educational program are:

  • To sharpen the main target on Strategic Communications as a company enabler.
  • To refine the organization’s Measurement and Evaluation Strategy.
  • To help participants tweak their “Big Picture” strategies.
  • To provide a chance for skills upgrades where necessary.
  • To help participants re-position their Future Strategy and Implementation.
  • At the top of this training course, you'll learn to:
  • Recreate or Create your Communications and decide to specialize in Strategic Communication.
  • Develop strategies that include measurement and evaluation as key deliverables.
  • Align communications with the strategic priorities of the organization.
  • Review the newest thinking on Strategic Communications.

Course Methodology of Redefined Corporate Communications

It is widely accepted that adult learners move from being subject-centered to being problem-centered.

As a result, the methodologies to be utilized during this intervention will include:

  • Lectures.
  • Case studies via written submissions, podcasts, or videos.
  • Roleplays.
  • Journaling and reflective reports.
  • Activities also will be based on experimentation and analysis of live cases and thus rely heavily on activity-based group work.

Organizational Impact of Redefined Corporate Communications

Your company will benefit in the following ways:

  • Strengthen internal and external alignment between strategy and communications.
  • Improve your ability to micro-target your communications.
  • Achieve a greater understanding of measurable outcomes.
  • Improved deciding.

Personal Impact of Redefined Corporate Communications

The personal benefits to be derived from attending this educational program include the following:

  • Greater understanding of the way to align Strategic Communications to corporate objectives.
  • Greater comfort with Measurement and Evaluation as a company tool.
  • Improved understanding of the way to target specific audiences and assess outcomes.
  • Improved ability to require advantage of cross-functional communications objectives.

Who Should Attend

This training course is suitable for a focused group of communicators within the corporate communications industry and participation is inspired from:

  • Public Relations Officers & or Team Leads / Managers.
  • Corporate Communications Practitioners & or Team Leads / Managers.
  • Public Relations / Public Affairs & or Team Leads / Managers.
  • Marketing Officers & or Team Leads / Managers.

Course Outline


Aligning Communications and Organizational Strategy

  • What’s our WHY?
  • Issues, Risks & Crisis Evaluation.
  • The Competitive Environment.
  • Integrating the Communications Spend.
  • Alignment of the Communications Strategy.


Identifying and Strengthening Internal Gaps

  • Rethinking the interior Mandate.
  • Reducing the Gaps.
  • Cross Cutting Implementation Strategies.
  • The Communications Plan.
  • Taking Stock of Performance.


Implementation Strategy

  • Developing the plan.
  • Matching Scenarios to Audiences.
  • Prototyping the Solutions.
  • The Socializing Process.
  • Audience Centered Engagement Strategies.


Measurement and Evaluation

  • Identifying the Needles to maneuver.
  • Back of Envelope Evaluation.
  • Deep Dive Evaluation.
  • Strategy Driven by Feedback.
  • Assessing the Impact.


Designing subsequent Iteration

  • Developing the Message Strategy.
  • Identifying an Adoption Strategy.
  • Aligning with Change Makers.
  • Building in Flexibility.
  • Key Take Always.


17.Jun.2024 to 21.Jun.2024
Casablanca -
Cost 3170 £ GBP