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Managing Tenders; Contracts & Specifications

The Procurement Journey

Managing Tenders; Contracts & Specifications

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10.Jun.2024 to 14.Jun.2024
Paris -
Cost 4555 £ GBP


This highly interactive Tender Management Contract and Specification training course examines how organizations can identify and implement the most appropriate procurement strategies, as well as best practices for developing bid documents, criteria, and ratings.
This training course focuses on the most effective ways to address key contractual liability issues in order to reduce business risk due to cost and time overruns.
This RFP, specification, and contract management training course also includes tools, tips, and techniques for effectively resolving disputes and minimizing business costs and reputational risks. The majority of an organization's costs are spent on procuring goods and services, especially when dealing with global supply chain networks, as most industries and sectors do today. Therefore, applying the best management techniques during the bidding and procurement process and during the execution of the contract is important to ensure the cost of the business and the efficiency of the process.

This training course will highlight:

  • Different Procurement Strategies

  • Best practice in the Procurement Process

  • Critical Issues in Developing Tender Documentation

  • Principal Contractual Liability Issues

  • Methods to Manage Performance Failures

  • Managing Claims and Resolving Disputes

Course Objectives of Managing Tenders; Contracts & Specifications

At the end of this training course, you will learn to:

  • Identify the most appropriate procurement strategy

  • Evaluate tendering and procurement best practices

  • Assess and manage key contractual risks

  • Compare ways of dealing with performance failures

  • Evaluate the most appropriate course of action when disputes arise

Course Methodology of Managing Tenders; Contracts & Specifications

In this Managing Tenders; Contracts & Specifications training course, participants will gain greater knowledge through presentations by an experienced international practitioner designed to both educate and challenge. Extensive use will be made of case studies and real examples of contracts. Open and instructive group discussions will also be facilitated encouraging delegates to raise questions, and share their own experiences.

Organizational Impact of Managing Tenders; Contracts & Specifications

Tendering and procurement processes can involve multiple phases, during which, assessing the issues and how to deal with them can be a daunting task.

Your organization will benefit by:

  • Expanding traditional procurement options to promote your organization’s goals

  • Exploring the risks of using different types of contracting strategy

  • Developing best practices in the production of tender documentation

  • Enhancing internal capacity to assess and manage key contractual risks

  • Ensuring better monitoring and managing of performance issues

  • Exploring alternative ways of reducing the impact of disputes

Personal Impact of Managing Tenders; Contracts & Specifications

You will gain by participating in this training program as a result of:

  • Broadening your knowledge of a variety of procurement strategies

  • Enhancing your knowledge of best practices in producing tender documentation

  • Extending your understanding of key risk areas and their management

  • Improving your knowledge of contract and relationship management

  • Developing your knowledge of monitoring and managing performance failures

  • Boosting your confidence in dealing with contractual issues and disputes

Who Should Attend

This Managing Tenders; Contracts & Specifications training course will benefit a variety of personnel in your organization involved in any aspect of tendering, procurement, and contract implementation. It will enable a broad range of disciplines to appreciate and understand tenders, specifications, and contracts.

This training course is appropriate for a wide range of professionals, but will greatly benefit:

  • Tendering and Procurement Managers

  • Project and Contract Managers

  • Sales and Marketing Professionals

  • Project Management Professionals

Course Outline


Procurement Strategies and Best Practices

  • Elements of Procurement Best Practice

  • Types of Procurement Strategy

  • Risk Management Process

  • Balancing Risk Through Contract Strategy

  • Supply Chain Risk Assessment

  • Exposure to Bribery and Corruption


Developing Tenders and Specifications

  • Developing the Scope of Work and Specification

  • Selection and Evaluation Criteria

  • Cost and Price Analyses

  • Objectives of the Contract

  • Ancillary Documents and Issues

  • Negotiation Tools and Techniques


Key Elements of the Contract

  • Principal Performance Obligations

  • Scheduling and Completion

  • Liabilities, Indemnities, and Insurance

  • Ownership and Risk

  • Pricing and Payment

  • Governing Law


Managing Change and Performance Failures

  • Assignment, Novation, and Subcontracting

  • Implications of Varying Performance

  • Managing External Events

  • Performance-based Contracting

  • Default Mechanisms

  • Other Remedies


Contract Claims and Completion

  • Types and Assessment of Claims

  • Tiered Dispute Resolution Mechanisms

  • Formal Dispute Resolution

  • Contract Close Out

  • Contract Review, Evaluation, Lessons Learned

  • Course Overview – Learning Outcomes


10.Jun.2024 to 14.Jun.2024
Paris -
Cost 4555 £ GBP