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The Marketing Intelligence

Utilizing Actionable Intelligence for Strategic Lead

The Marketing Intelligence

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10.Jun.2024 to 14.Jun.2024
Paris -
Cost 4555 £ GBP


This course is designed to provide marketing professionals with the marketing tools they need to boost sales, maximize the return on marketing dollars, and strengthen customer loyalty. Marketing research describes what is happening as it happens, so you can react tactically. Market intelligence provides situational insight and interpretation, allowing you to plan ahead of time. This training course will help you become acquainted with both basic and cutting-edge marketing research design and analysis techniques and procedures. You'll learn how to identify underlying business issues, create a research plan, collect data, and analyze the results.

Simply stated, market intelligence is the use of multiple data sources to create a comprehensive picture of a company's existing market, customers, problems, competition, and growth potential for brand-new products and services. Market intelligence provides numerous competitive advantages, and the risks of not investing in such data are frequently significant. The primary learning objectives for this Global Horizon Sales & Marketing training course on marketing research and intelligence will be especially beneficial for delegates in charge of planning sales and marketing initiatives to increase revenue growth.

This course will highlight skills to:

• Develop marketing strategies to create and sustain a competitive advantage within the marketplace
• Use market research to extend sales and customer satisfaction
• Describe the various market research data collection methods
• Translate essential business challenges into cogent research objectives that are tied to specific action steps
• Identify the acceptable use of, advertising, advertisements, and Internet-based communications when developing an integrated marketing campaign

Course Objectives of the Marketing Intelligence  

At the top of this course, you'll learn to:

• Understanding the facility of market intelligence and the way it incorporates market research
• Quickly and accurately interpret your customer’s nonverbal communication
• Conduct a SWOT Analysis to spot business development opportunities
• Analyze current marketing research trends and best practices
• Differentiate among the various questionnaire design formats supported survey requirements
• Develop market research and intelligence strategy to realize marketing objectives

Course Methodology of the Marketing Intelligence

This course on marketing research and Intelligence encourages delegate participation through a mixture of lectures, conferences, practical exercises, case studies, video clips, and breakout sessions designed to strengthen new skills.

Organizational Impact of the Marketing Intelligence

Major Benefits to the organization include:

• Maximize your brand’s value to understand a better level of customer engagement
• Integrated and streamlined marketing approach
• Increased revenue growth from improved marketing research
• Greater penetration for products and services
• Higher level of customer satisfaction
• Integrated social media and traditional marketing approach

Personal Impact of the Marketing Intelligence

Participants will gain the subsequent significant benefits:

• Improved marketing and selling skills
• Improved ability to implement and realize specific goals
• Understanding of the concepts and procedures necessary to be an efficient marketing researcher
• Greater confidence as a marketing professional
• Improved productivity and adherence to quality standards
• Increased job satisfaction

Who Should Attend

This course is for anyone who desires to expand their expertise in marketing best practices, policies, and procedures. Delegates don't require any previous marketing experience to profit from this educational program.

This course is suitable to a good range of execs, but will greatly benefit:

• Chief Marketing Officers
• Marketing VPS
• Marketing Directors / Managers
• Market Research / Intelligence Professionals
• Customer Relationship Managers
• Sales Managers
• Brand Managers
• Business Owners

Course Outline


Marketing to the “Voice of the Customer”

• What Customers Expect from Your Organization?
• Benefits of Encouraging Customer Feedback
• Listening and Questioning Skills Development
• How to offer and Receive Constructive Customer Feedback
• Interpreting Your Customer’s Nonverbal Communication Gestures
• Marketing to the Four Customer “Buying Styles”


Key Elements of marketing research and Intelligence

• Difference between marketing research and Intelligence
• Product Lifecycle
• 4 Ps of the Marketing Mix
• SWOT Analysis
• Market Segmentation Strategies
• Social Media Marketing Principles

Market Research Best Practices

• Benefits of marketing research
• Types of marketing research
• Market Research Best Practices
• Advantages and drawbacks of Customer Focus Groups
• Group Think


Market Intelligence Best Practices

• Benefits of Market Intelligence
• Types of Market Intelligence
• Benchmarking the Competition
• Converting Data into Market Intelligence
• Data Analysis to spot Trends
• How to Use Market Intelligence to Innovate More Effectively


Customer-Focused Engagement Marketing Strategy

• Best and Worst Customer Service Providers
• Identifying Internal and External Customer Expectations
• Customer Lifetime Value
• Going the additional mile
• Designing a Customer-focused Marketing Approach
• Customer Service Recovery Techniques


Putting marketing research Results into Action

• Action decide to Improve Marketing Effectiveness
• Setting Marketing Goals for Continuous Improvement
• Stakeholder Change Management Strategies
• How to show market research into Action
• Course Review and Assessment


10.Jun.2024 to 14.Jun.2024
Paris -
Cost 4555 £ GBP