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Quality Assurance in Practice

Implementation of ISO 9001 and Assessment

Quality Assurance in Practice

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16.Jun.2024 to 20.Jun.2024
Manama (Bahrain) - Fraser Suites Seef Bahrain
Cost 3300 £ GBP


Many organizations around the world have used the ISO9001 quality management system standard as a framework for managing quality assurance within their operations and meeting their customers' expectations. They must have reaped the benefits of this structured approach to risk and opportunity management in their business.

Quality Assurance in Practice will give delegates a solid understanding of how to develop quality assurance in their organizations in a practical manner. The well-known ISO9001 framework is examined as a foundation for developing quality assurance in this Management & Leadership training course. This Quality Assurance in Practice training course continues by emphasizing the significance of risk-based thinking, the PDCA approach, and thus the process approach. Furthermore, this training course delves into other critical aspects of developing a high-quality management system, such as the role of audit in organizational improvement and the development of document control to support your system, which are covered during this highly practical and participative training course.

Course Objectives of Quality Assurance in Practice

By the top of this training course, delegates are going to be able to:

  • State the advantages of the PDCA approach
  • Understand the importance of risk-based thinking during a quality management system
  • Have an awareness of organizational context and what it means within the quality management system
  • State the advantages of audit during a quality management system and understand a number of the sensible requirements of management systems auditing
  • Practice audit techniques
  • Appreciate the essentials of document control systems

Course Methodology of Quality Assurance in Practice

This Management & Leadership training course on Quality Assurance in Practice is very participative and delegates will need to opportunity to use case study materials and exercises to strengthen their learning thought-out the training course. additionally, to learn the essential requirements of a top-quality management system, participants will enjoy a highly participative part of this training course designed to enable them to practice audit techniques through participative role play.

Organizational Impact of Quality Assurance in Practice

  • Develop a greater understanding of the sensible implications of managing quality assurance within the organization
  • A shared organizational vision for quality assurance and management
  • Development of efficiencies within the organization resulting in enhanced profitability
  • Improvement in leadership skills within the organization

Personal Impact of Quality Assurance in Practice

  • Understanding a practical framework for the implementation of quality assurance in a corporation 
  • State the importance of risk-based thinking in quality assurance
  • Realize the importance of leadership and developing an appropriate quality culture in organizations
  • Develop specific practical audit skills
  • Appraise a variety of requirements for document control systems

Who Should Attend

  • Department Managers
  • Team Supervisors
  • Human Resources Managers
  • Finance Professionals who want to understand more about quality assurance
  • Finance Audit Professionals who want to know more about management systems auditing

Course Outline


Designing and Implementing ISO9001

  • The PDCA Approach
  • Risk Based Thinking
  • The Organization and Context
  • Needs and Expectation of Interested Parties
  • Significance of Effective Leadership Roles
  • Role and Responsibilities of Leaders in ISO9001
  • Culture of Quality – The Role of TQM


Planning and operating a top-quality Management System

  • Establishing Policies
  • Planning for a top-quality Management System
  • Assessing Risk and Opportunity within a top-quality Management System
  • Supporting Your System – resources, competence
  • Operations, Planning and Control


Audit as a Management Tool

  • Management Systems Auditing
  • The Face of a Systems Auditor
  • Requirements of ISO19011 – guidelines for auditing management systems
  • Types of Systems Audits
  • Planning Audits
  • Audit as a part of Performance Monitoring and Organizational Improvement


Audit in Practice

  • Developing a Program of Audits
  • Planning an Audit
  • Opening Meetings
  • Audit Questions and Use of Check Lists
  • Conducting the Audit
  • Role Play Exercise


Document Management in Your Quality Management System

  • Building a Document system 
  • Document Life Cycles
  • Consistency in Document Appearance, Notation and Circulation
  • Maintaining the Integrity of Document Controls
  • Availability of Documents to Interested Parties


16.Jun.2024 to 20.Jun.2024
Manama (Bahrain) - Fraser Suites Seef Bahrain
Cost 3300 £ GBP