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The 10-Day MBA in HR

Enhancing Organizational Effectiveness

The 10-Day MBA in HR

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18.Nov.2024 to 29.Nov.2024
Singapore -
Cost 7300 £ GBP


Employee Relations and Engagement training course examines the most recent and best employee relationship management training. Employee Relationship Management entails managing each employee's relationship with the team and with one another. Every HR decision-making in an organization is influenced by employee relations.
The methods taught in this course will enable the establishment of a working environment in which all employees can contribute to their full potential. This will necessitate the establishment of a supportive and trusting work environment, as well as the proactive and sensitive management of individual and collective ER issues.

This training course will highlight:

  • Strategic Human Resource Management (HRM) in the modish organization
  • Employee Reward and how it impacts employee performance
  • Training & Improvement in the 21st Century
  • Fulfillment Management in a multicultural environment
  • The latest strategies for efficient resourcing and recruitment

Course Objectives of 10-Day MBA in HR

By the end of this training course, delegates will be qualified to:

  • Get Strategic HRM programs (SHRM)
  • Explain the role and duties of the Personnel / HR Department
  • Display a thorough understanding of employee resourcing, recruitment & reward
  • Define best practices in working with employees with problems
  • Recognize achievement management in a multicultural environment
  • Describe the critical value of training and development

Course Methodology of 10-Day MBA in HR

Mastering Human Resource Management joins a discussion of the latest advancements in the domain of HR research and neurolinguistics. A large-scale range of proven adult training methods will be utilized including real-world case studies, videos from managing experts, self-assessments, participatory studies, and many practices to make the course a stimulating and enriching training experience.

Organizational Impact of 10-Day MBA in HR

Organizations will serve tremendously when they have HR Specialists who are utilizing the latest ‘best practice methods with a high degree of the essential competencies obtained in this course.

The efficient management of employees results in an involved and motivated workforce that is productive and hence useful for the organization. 

Superior Management will obtain the advice accessible from the HR function.

Personal Impact of 10-Day MBA in HR

This training course teaches the competencies that enable delegates will be able to:

  • Play a more strategic function in the organization
  • Know themselves and the potential of HR more precisely
  • Guidance on recruitment, retention, and improvement of employees
  • Recognize the importance of variety and multiculturalism
  • Develop their capability to communicate, control, and work with others
  • Explain the influence of motivation and engagement

Who Should Attend

This training course will greatly serve all selves who wish to understand the significance of good man-management but will especially serve: 

  • HR Managers
  • Line Managers
  • Supervisors
  • Human Resource Specialists
  • Human Resource Officers
  • Human Resource Administrators
  • Those on ‘Fast Track’ Programs

Course Outline


Human Resource Management for the 21st Century 

  • The Changing Face of Organizations and Functions
  • Key Impact of Changes on Human Resource Management
  • Human Resource Management (HRM) is not Personnel
  • New Roles and Responsibilities of HRM
  • Impact of Data Analytics and Predictive Analytics
  • Evolving Structures of HRM
  • Career Routes into HRM and Continuous Professional Development (CPD)


Performance Management in a Multi‐Dimensional Organization

  • Performance Management in a Multi-Cultural Environment
  • Effective Performance Management Is Changing
  • The Role of C Suite and the Responsibilities of Line Management
  • Are our Objectives and Performance Standards Always Relevant?
  • Understanding the Difference between High Potential and High Performance
  • Managing High Performers and Under-performers
  • Examining the Causes of Performance Gaps
  • The Relevance of Performance Appraisal & 360° Feedback


Recruitment, Employee Resourcing & Reward

  • Targeted Recruitment and Selection
  • The Uses of Social Media and Mobile Recruiting
  • Need for Comprehensive Selection Tools
  • Assessment and Development Centers
  • The Psychology of Motivation
  • The Psychological Contract
  • Managing Multi-Generations in the Workplace
  • Reward Management, Remuneration, and Benefits


Workplace Conflict & Working with Employees in Difficulty

  • The Inevitability of Workplace Conflict
  • Management Interventions to Avoid Conflict
  • Using Mediation in the Workplace
  • Counseling Services & Employee Assistance Programs (EAP)
  • Managing Employee Problems – Stress Management
  • Managing Employee Problems – Bullying and Harassment
  • Equality of Opportunity, Diversity, and Discrimination


Employee Development

  • Understanding the Importance of Learning and Development
  • Current Trends in L&D – Mentoring, Coaching, and PDPs
  • Neuroscience Research and Learning
  • Identifying Learning & Development Needs and Meeting Them
  • How Corporate Social Responsibility Can Be Used For Development
  • Importance of Succession Planning and Talent Management
  • Personal Action Planning


Day 6

Strategic HRM Programs

  • Overview of Strategic HR Management.

  • Aligning HR strategies with organizational goals.

  • Implementing SHRM for organizational success.

  • Case studies on organizations with successful SHRM.

Day 7

Employee Engagement and Well-being

  • Strategies for enhancing employee engagement.

  • Employee well-being programs and their impact.

  • Implementing effective communication channels within HR.

  • Interactive session: Employee engagement survey and analysis.

Day 8

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) in HR

  • Recognizing the significance of diversity and inclusion.

  • Developing inclusive HR policies and practices.

  • DEI training and awareness.

  • Group discussion: Implementing DEI initiatives in HR.

Day 9

HR Analytics and Technology

  • Introduction to HR analytics.

  • Leveraging technology for HR efficiency.

  • Case studies on successful HR analytics implementation.

  • Workshop: Practical applications of HR analytics tools.

Day 10

HR Leadership and Continuous Improvement

  • The role of HR leaders in driving organizational effectiveness.

  • Continuous professional development for HR professionals.

  • HR leadership in times of change.

  • Closing ceremony: Reflections, certificates, and networking opportunities.


18.Nov.2024 to 29.Nov.2024
Singapore -
Cost 7300 £ GBP