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Human Capital Analytics

AnalyizingTransforming Management with Behavioral Data

Human Capital Analytics

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17.Jun.2024 to 21.Jun.2024
Madrid - Petit Palace Alcala Torre
Cost 4445 £ GBP


If you want your team, organization, or career to grow, you can no longer make decisions based solely on credit or experience - you must ensure that data is in the driver's seat when it comes to future planning.
Using behavioral data to acquire and manage organizations has fundamentally altered how businesses operate.
Through discussion and hands-on activities with real-world data and devices, this course will provide delegates with a foundation in people analytics.

This course will highlight:

  • People management

  • How behavioral economics can reinvent HR

  • Data-driven people management for developing performance

Course Objectives of Human Capital Analytics

There are essential questions that influence businesses, that no one can answer:

  • How much does the managing team interact with engineering?

  • Is a manager wasting time with their team?

  • How often should a salesman talk to customers?

The reason we can’t answer these issues is a lack of data. 

Surveys and consultants are helpful, but their shortcomings are evident. They’re inactive, subjective, and don’t measure what happens in the real world. 

  • Utilizing real-world data to judge what is occurring

  • Knowing what behavioral data you now have and how to do it

  • Acquiring basic people investigation techniques for HR dynamics

  • HR data-driven for bodies management and competency estimation

  • How behavioral economics can reinvent HR and create savings

  • Data-driven people management for enhancing performance

Course Methodology of Human Capital Analytics

This course will use a variety of proven adult training methods to assure maximum knowledge, comprehension, and retention of the information displayed. 

This course Methodology covers:

  • Interactive case studies individually planned for the representatives

  • Videos

  • Analysis and evaluation of the latest methods

  • Hands-on, functional exercises assuming actual project scenarios

  • Pre - & Post-Course Assessments

Organizational Impact of Human Capital Analytics

Managers who have learned to lead, manage, and plan to utilize data-driven techniques will have new and better ways of presenting their key leadership functions. They will offer improved decision-making, innovation, adaptability, and confidence. They are better prepared to stand back from the everyday part and focus on real-world organizational needs, secure in the understanding that their actions and choices are based on sound data.

Personal Impact of Human Capital Analytics

Shareholders will be exposed to a range of different ways of leadership and management training utilizing data and the latest thinking. 

This will enable them to improve their business skills and knowledge in challenging situations. 

The chance to experiment with new management methods before implementing them in the workplace will help raise the confidence to move beyond established assumptions about the ‘right’ way to manage and lead.

Who Should Attend

This course is ideal for directors, superior managers, officials, and business managers in all commerce who have (or want to have) responsibility for developing organizational performance.

  • Those who want to improve their knowledge of leadership, management, and communication

  • Those who are viewing for business gains and advantages from managing their teams more efficiently

  • Leaders and managers qualified for working through others to accomplish company objects

Course Outline


HR Data-driven for People Management

  • Competency Acquisition Analytics

  • Capacity Analytics to Measure the Efficiency

  • Employee Churn Analytics

  • Corporate Culture Analytics

  • Recruitment Channel Analytics

  • Leadership and Management Performance Analytics

  • Employee Performance and Productivity Analytics


How Behavioral Economics Can Reinvent HR

  • Use the Principles of Behavioral Economics for HR Planning

  • Change the Context in Which You Present Choices to Employees

  • Develop Messaging that Influences Patterns of Performance

  • Build Messaging that Nudges People to Perform Better

  • Understand the Power of the Default Option

  • Understand How ‘Mental Accounting’ Affects Decision Making


Competency Frameworks and Performance Management Data

  • Understanding Competency Frameworks

  • Basic Principles of Data-based Competency Measurement

  • Developing a Competency Framework

  • The Practical Use of Competencies and Real-data SWOT

  • Understanding How Data can be used in Performance Management

  • Implementing a Successful Data-based Appraisal Scheme


Data-driven People Management for Improving Performance

  • Moving from HBR Cases to A/B Testing: Case Studies and Examples

  • Core Tool: Social Network Analysis

  • Group Exercise: Rewire the Team and Organization by Using Data

  • Building a People Analytics Team

  • Analysis of Data - Discussion

  • Discussion: Implementing Your Finding


Data-driven Decision-making and Problem-solving for People Management

  • Causes of Poor Decision-making Due to Bad or Insufficient Data

  • Building a Data Model that will Improve Your and Others Decision Making

  • Practical Application Exercise and Case-studies Based on Participants Own Examples

  • Critical Thinking Approaches using Probing and Analytical Thinking

  • Overview of Proven Decision-making and Problem-solving Tools


17.Jun.2024 to 21.Jun.2024
Madrid - Petit Palace Alcala Torre
Cost 4445 £ GBP